5 Never To Miss Experiences in Goa

Goa is a tropical enclave popular among American hippies in the 1960s. It is a state in western India that hugs the Arabian Sea also home to as many as yoga retreats and luxury hotels. During the last two decades, the dual-personality of Goa is known by the following among tourists for its all-night parties in the north and its calm setting in the south (most style their holiday on latitude). Goa, shaped by its 450 years of Portuguese rule, was also influenced by the influx of the hippies in the 1960s. It is the smallest state in India. It is a tropical paradise and Mumbai is one-hour flight south. The high season runs October through January, the temperatures are cooler. The Monsoon season is from June through September, during this season there are soaking rains and many restaurants and hotels are close. The 5 Never to Miss Experiences in Goa are:

  1. Yoga Teacher Training in Goa – the beaches in Goa during the winter are beautiful, the weather is pleasant and warm. Goa is the perfect location where to start a Yoga Teacher Training. There are many locations not only the beaches where you can plan your training- Enjoy the Arabic ocean while practicing your daily sadhana during your yoga journey.
  2. Massage Training in Goa – In Goa, participating in a massage training can be an unforgettable experience. Learning massage close to the sea is a truly transformative experience, a deep revolution in the way you move, interact and communicate. The training will help you in bringing out a journey of inner exploration with the art of touch. In these courses, you extensively learn different techniques of massage at a very affordable price. Many students especially travel to Goa to learn these massages.
  3. The Best Seafood – Goa is the most popular location for its beach belt dinners and beach shacks that serve excellent seafood. Do not miss the Zeebop by the Sea at Utorda beach where you will love the food and the sea. You will find the freshest seafood “catch of the day” from fresh tiger prawns to crabs, lobsters and a wide array of fish.
  4. South Goa Heritage Tour – Goa is a wonderful destination. The Goan Heritage Tour includes the visit of the UNESCO-world heritage listed sites like the biggest Portuguese mansion of its kind in Goa which will give you an experience of how the grandest and glorious mansions looked like.
  5. Experience the thrill of Canyoning – Goa is the only place in Inda where you can do canyoning giving you adrenaline pumping adventure. The up-top and tumbling jungle routes, packed with abseiling and jumps of varied heights will bring you so much fun. 




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