Marbella Luxury Real Estate Market 2017-2018:

Marbella Luxury Real Estate Market 2017-2018:

The capacity of Marbella (Málaga) to attract great fortunes from all over the world makes it an important showcase for companies in the area, many companies have been able to use this potential to make their products known among high-end international customers.

The real estate boom of the 80s and later the end of the 90 and the beginning of the 2000, with a powerful growth of high-end housing with off plan and new homes, made the entrepreneur decanted by specializing in customized products for the big luxury villas that began to be built on the Costa del Sol and in Marbella.

This specialization in the luxury sector has allowed the company to multiply its size, now in addition to the factory in Casares have three commercial offices one in Puerto Banús (Marbella), another in Madrid and the third in Barcelona.

Marbella Pads has also managed to give the international jump, at the beginning of its journey 90% of the work they did at the local level and now have many projects abroad. Morocco, Dubai, the Congo or Nigeria, are some of the countries that this Andalusian carpentry has carried its products, to place them luxurious villas.

According to ElEconomista, the international jump was given in the midst of economic crisis, when construction on the coast of the sun went through one of its worst moments.

Román says that his company does not need to have presence outside of Spain to carry out these international projects, because the headquarters they have in Puerto Banús has become an important showcase in which the great fortunes know their products of first Hand.

Construction tourism

The businessman explains that in Marbella there is a phenomenon known as “construction tourism”, in which people with high purchasing power arrive to know the type of constructions that are carried out in the area and replicate them in their countries of origin, taking both the Technical personnel as the necessary materials.

The Arab Emirates and Africa are the main international destinations of Román Clavero, as the CEO said, these are places that do not have skilled labor or the necessary materials to respond to customers of high purchasing power. Current projects include two luxury villas in Palm Islands, the well-known artificial islands of Dubai.

This international development, coupled with the recovery of the construction on the Costa del Sol, has caused a 20% growth in the company’s sales in the last two years, the average turnover was between 5 and 6 million euros and this year they anticipate Alcan Zar the 8.

Precisely, the recovery of the construction in Andalusia is what has begun to slow down the international development of the company. According to Román, the Costa del Sol is going through a new real estate Boom that has generated a notable increase in work in the company, which makes it not able to respond to all international new build projects.



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